Crawford Vs. Raanta: Whose Stadium Series Mask Is Cooler?

Raanta's mask features a salute to a former Hawk great, while Crawford's is more measured and sharp looking

While the Chicago Blackhawks aren’t a team that is currently dealing with goaltending controversy, there is one area that Corey Crawford and Antti Raanta will be battling in when the team takes the ice against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Soldier Field: who has the cooler looking mask?

We’ve already gotten a look at the sweet goalie gear that Raanta will be donning for the Saturday contest, but over the weekend, he provided fans with a look at the mask that he will be wearing:

Not to be outdone, Crawford also provided fans with a glimpse at his lid that he will be sporting when he skates to his spot between the pipes for the Hawks as they try to take down one of the league’s best offenses:

Both helmets have some really cool style elements, with Raanta’s salute to former Blackhawks goaltender Eddie Belfour and Crawford’s incorporation of the Hawks’ Stadium Series color scheme into his mask taking center stage. When push comes to shove though, it’s Raanta’s mask that will stir more memories in the minds of diehard Blackhawks fans who followed the team during the 1990’s, so we have to give him the edge in terms of coolest mask.

Our opinion isn’t the one that ultimately matters, however. Which goaltender has the cooler mask as they head into Soldier Field, Blackhawks fans?

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