Could Bears Swipe Broncos QB Cutler?

Today's football news centers on acrimony between Cutler and his team; could the Bears make a trade?

Yesterday, news broke that Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler had been told he was being shopped by the Broncos. Cutler was incredibly peeved. He called himself "upset" and "shocked" and said that if the Broncos tried to trade him, "there's going to be a lot of problems." The Broncos told the same reporter they had no intention of trading Cutler and that they were excited about the upcoming season.

The story doesn't end there, though. (If it did, this blog post would be roughly the length of a Twitter message, and even more inane.) Today, the Denver Post is reporting that though the Broncos want to kiss and make up with Jay, he's isn't having it, and that the team's relationship with its quarterback seems severely strained.

Guess what, Chicagoans? The Bears need a quarterback, too! Vaughn McClure smells what we're cooking, even if we're not sure what he's talking about here:

ESPN's Bill Williamson listed Chicago as a possible destination. But Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, told the Tribune he has heard nothing about any connection between his client and the Bears. The Bears might bring in a veteran backup behind Kyle Orton, but it is highly unlikely they would trade for a bonafide starter such a Cutler. The organization already has expressed great support for Orton and doesn't want to betray him.

Um, actually, Vaughn, the Bears haven't expressed any support for Orton. GM Jerry Angelo held a press conference immediately after the season and singled out the quarterback spot as the most urgent need on the team. That wasn't support at all. Whatever the opposite of support is, that was it.

Still, Vaughn is right in the final analysis. The Bears would have a tough time swiping Cutler from the Broncos. First of all, there's a little matter of talent, and the Bears have very little young talent to spend in a trade. Second, is it even worth it? Cutler is better than Orton, but by how much? How much would the Bears have to give up? Cutler is a promising young player but not one without flaws, and taking a trade gamble on him is a giant risk. The safe play is Kyle Orton, unfortunately.

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