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Daley Bets a Buffet on Hawks Win



    Daley Bets a Buffet on Hawks Win

    Mayor Richard Daley is betting a buffet on a Blackhawks victory over the Canucks.

    He laid out a smorgasboard of Chicago's culinary delights on Thursday in a friendly wager with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.

    On the line:  100 Vienna beef hot dogs, 100 polish sausages, plenty of Halfacre beer, Garrett's popcorn and Eli's Cheesecake, among other items.

    "This is a working city, an immigrant city, and there's just something about the Blackhawks that inspires everyone out there," Daley said. "They work at it. They give a hundred percent on the ice, and that's what Chicago's all about."

    FLASHBACK: Canucks Hate the Blackhawks Theme Song

    [CHI]FLASHBACK: Canucks Hate the Blackhawks Theme Song
    Every time the Blackhawks score a goal, the United Center Blasts "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratelli's. The crowd loves it, but apparently the Vancouver Canucks aren't big fans. And their goal to never hear the song again.
    (Published Monday, April 11, 2011)

    So far no word on what Mayor Robertson will put up.  Perhaps some salmon or poutine?  Robertson's payment last year included cases of beer from Molson's and other Candian breweries, salmon, driel morel mushrooms and vegetarian blueberry sauce.

    Daley said anything edible won this year would be donated to the Chicago Food Depository.

    The Hawks' series with the Vancouver Canucks in the NHL Western Convference Semifinals begins Saturday night.

    Blackhawks Dig the Chelsea Dagger

    [CHI] Blackhawks Dig the Chelsea Dagger
    Fight Songs or Fightin' Words? Well, no one can say the Blackhawks series with the Canucks isn't interesting. First, the boys from Vancouver say they hate the song "Chelsea Dagger." Now the Hawks respond, they love it. Especially because it's played after home team goal at the United Center.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010)