Athletico’s Marathon Spectator Guide


If you're planning on watching the Chicago Marathon from the sidelines this weekend, don't just wing it-- you should go in with a plan! Cheering on your loved ones in a sea of 45,000 runners is tough, but with preparation you can have tons of fun. Check out Athletico's fan tips here, and download the official Chicago Marathon spectator guide here

First and foremost, make sure to pick your cheering locations, and put together a schedule. You might want to base this around predicted times that your friend of family member will be crossing certain mile markers, and you should take into account the ease of getting from place to place. 

Cheer for everyone, and make a poster if you can! Athletico is offering sign-making materials and giveaways at their cheer zone around the 9 mile marker, so check out the blue tent at Diversey and Clark. 

Have a post-race plan and meeting place, and make sure your runner's aware of where you'll be, so they can find you. It's hard out there, and the support of seeing someone you know makes the 26.2 just a little easier. 

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