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2021 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Elite Runner: Kengo Suzuki

Bolingbrook's Kristen Beckert Brings Local Flavor to Race
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The Bank of America Chicago Marathon marks Kengo Suzuki's first time racing in a U.S. Abbott World Marathon Major.

Name: Kengo Suzuki

Country of Origin: Japan

Standout Race:  

Kengo Suzuki made quite a splash in Japan when he dethroned Suguru Osako’s national record, 2:05:29, at the 2021 Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon.

Suzuki chopped almost six minutes off his personal best to set the national record and win in a personal best, 2:04:56. About 30 athletes shot out of the start with the goal of taking down the national record, and as the pack whittled down, Suzuki made a definitive move at 36km. Suddenly, it was Suzuki against the clock, and he delivered. Following the race, he remarked, “I am very proud of setting the national record at the last edition of the race. I still have a lot left in my tank, perhaps most among all of my previous marathons.”

More About Kengo Suzuki:  

He pointed to a year of consistent training, sans injury, as the driving factor for his success.

Suzuki won the 2017 National University Half Marathon championships in 1:01:36, and he took home the silver at the 2017 World University Games half marathon.

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