Stanley Cup Will Make Two Appearances in Chicago Monday

Cup will be at an inner city school and at Cristina Foods on Monday

 The Stanley Cup has had a busy summer and early fall as the Chicago Blackhawks celebrated their championship win in style, but this week, the Cup will be sticking a little bit closer to home.

That’s because the Blackhawks are going to make a couple of stops in the inner city of Chicago this week, and fans of the team will have an opportunity to see the Stanley Cup in person and to meet members of the Blackhawks’ organization.

The Cup will be present at two events on Monday, stopping first at the University of Chicago Charter School’s Woodlawn Campus (located at 6420 S. University in Chicago) from 8-9am. There, students will be able to see the Cup in person, and they will also be invited to participate in a hockey trivia game and take pictures with the trophy.

Then, from 9am-10am, the Cup will be at Cristina Foods, located at 4555 S. Racine Avenue in Chicago. The Business Leadership Council, Cosmopolitan Chamber of Commerce, and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will all have representatives at the event, and fans will be able to not only meet members of those organizations, but will also have a chance to take pictures of the trophy.

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