Smokey's Players Of The Week

That time again.  Who's been bad in a way, and bad in a good way for the Hawks this week:

Mark It 8, Dude:

Dave Bolland: Gives me such pleasure to finally have The Fabulous Weapon here.  I love it when someone is able to turn the critics around, especially when one of those critics is me.  Bolland is putting together possibly his best stretch of regular season hockey of his career right now, and managed five points in three games this week.  This was topped by his spinning Ryan Suter in the underbelly of the United Center for his second goal last night.  My colleague at Second City Matt McClure and I debated if Bolland gets more open net goals tnan anyone this side of Danny Briere.  But last night's first may be an example of why.  Bolland grabbed position even before Bickell had created the turnover, and boxed out Francis Boullon to remain open.  Bolland just knows where to be on the ice, and with that IQ added to his rediscovered speed, you get what we've been seeing.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero:

Nick Leddy: Harsh on the young man, because he really shouldn't be up here anyway.  But Leddy against Nashville saw just how far he has to go to be a top NHL defenseman, which he could be one day.  Leddy had the walls cave in against Nashville, whose disciplined and rabid forecheck can make even the best of them's life hell.  But Leddy isn't strong enough on the puck yet, and still panics when in his own end.  He looks great in the other, but that won't get it done.  He was sent back to Rockford today, and it coudl be for just cap reasons.  Or it could be more.  And if it is, will someone please ask Stan Bowman why they started his contract clock if he wans't going to be here?

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