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This will be my last post here at Madhouse Enforcer. has decided to scale back its hockey coverage from three posts a day, to more day-to-day analysis.

I just wanted to take the time to thank the editors who gave me a chance here at NBC Chicago, it was one of the proudest achievements of my life.

I hope it was all they were looking for. I've enjoyed my time here immensely, and I thank them for allowing me to do it how I wanted to do it. It's not easy to wrangle someone like me, and they were great about it.

But mostly, I want to thank you, the readers. I hope I could provide some insight and more importantly a laugh, when you needed it.

Those of  you who have taken the time to say something to me via email or outside the UC while I'm selling the Indian, a special thank you. Your kind words always give me a lift, and I'm still in disbelief I get to make the smallest difference in your day.

Anyway, this doesn't need to be dragged out. If you liked what you've read here, please follow me to my spiritual home at Second City Or buy a Committed Indian, sold outside the UC every Hawks home game, or purchased digitally at Second City Hockey.

Thanks so much, we'll see each other again down the road.

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