Show Us Your Hawks-Win Face

Blackhawks fans show off their excitement during the Stanley Cup Finals.

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Megan Purazrang
Chicago hockey fans show their excitement for the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.
Megan Purazrang
What would your Hawks-just-won face look like? We asked some fans. Daniel Anderson, 46, said he has been a fan since he was 4 years old. He is originally from Chicago and remains a fan though he lives in North Carolina.
Megan Purazrang
Emmanuel Davis, 24, of Chicago, is so excited and ready for the Hawks to win the Cup again he can barely stand it.
Megan Purazrang
Daniel Perez, 26, of Humboldt Park, became a fan in 2009 when there was a lot of excitement around the team. If they win the 2013 Cup, Perez said he will drive around yelling with excitement.
Megan Purazrang
Jazmine Mercado, 16, said she became a fan of Chicago's hockey team in 2009.
Megan Purazrang
Kevin Meek, 29, grew up in a Hawks fan family in Fort Wayne, Ind. He said he will go to Clark Street to celebrate if the Hawks win.
Brad Wysocki, 28, of Lincoln Park, said he will breathe easier once the Hawks win the Stanley Cup.
C.J. Covell, 21, came to Chicago three years ago and has been a Blackhawks fan ever since.
Michel Belzile, 53, came to Chicago from Calgary, Canada, with his son to go to Game 5 and he is staying to cheer the Blackhawks on this week.
Hawks fan face!
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