Chicago Pucks Cancer

Your final reminder to come to this event tonight. Come on, though the Hawks are torture these days you're still watching the game, so why not join your friends from Second City Hockey for it and have someone to complain and possibly cry with? And all for a great cause? You have no excuse. And it's early enough that afterward you can still make it out to wherever you need to be (if things keep going this way it'll be my garage with the car running, but I wouldn't miss this first).

Anyway, Chicago Pucks Cancer is to benefit the Young Survivalists Coalition, the only breast cancer coalition that advocates for young women dealing with this horrible disease. Check out the website, and see some of the awesome stuff we'll be raffling off tonight. It's well worth it.

And even if you don't win anything, our roadwatches are always a great time, no matter the result. Meet some of your other internet friends and find out if they truly are 6-4 with hair that makes grown men weep (hint: they aren't). The Bottom Lounge will also be offering some drink and food specials for this, and their food is pretty damn good and the beer list long, so you're running out of reasons to not do this. We hope to see you there. Doors open at 6.

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