New Bear Kyle Long Learns About Bears Fans' Fervor

Kyle Long is now a Bear, and by extension, a Chicagoan. It doesn't matter if he's still living in Oregon or Virginia, he's now one of us. Bears are one of us, so we expect them to follow all of Chicago sports teams. Long learned of Bears fans expectations on Twitter during the Bulls' big win over Miami on Monday night. 

But Long saw the silver lining in the discussion.

It's cool, Kyle. No one expects you to paint your face red and black and storm the court to dance with Benny the Bulls. But come on, man, throw us a bone. Chicagoans are excited for you to be a part of the team, and excited for you to be one of us. 

Don't take offense. Instead, embrace the crazy. You'll appreciate it when you come running out the tunnel at Soldier Field on Sept. 12.

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