Michael Bush Hoping Sunday Is a Showcase

Bears Running back Michael Bush just can't shake the label of being a third down back. But Sunday at Soldier Field he'll get his first start as a Bear while Matt Forte is inactive nursing an ankle sprain. 

"Hopefully, I can get people to get that knock off me that about not an every down back and all that," Bush said. "But I can't please everybody. It's a business. It is what it is, you don't like me so what."  

The Bears liked Bush enough to sign him this off season, though Lovie Smith doesn't call him a backup.

"We brought in another starting tailback" Smith said Friday. Yet it sounds like Bush is still proving himself to the guy calling the plays, Mike Tice. 

"No, i still think i got to prove them each week that i get a chance.  but the more i get to play the more i get to show them."  Bush would also like to pull off a long run to showcase his speed and hush all the critics come Sunday.

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