Meet Anthony Adams, Plus Size Skydiver

You've seen former Bear and current free agent Anthony Adams make his plea for a spot in the Olympics. Now, he's trying a new adventure. He is Spice Adams, Plus Size Skydiver.

Well, it's sort of skydiving, if jumping out of a minivan counts as skydiving. At Grizzly Detail, we're not ones to split hairs.

Adams was cut by the Bears midway through the 2011 season, but has kept busy with videos like these. It's about time that someone offered Adams a pilot. I would happily tune in to watch "The Adventures of Spice Adams." Perhaps he'd play a superdad who is a spy on his downtime? Or maybe he can travel around the world and solve crimes with laughter? His Twitter feed has been full of tips on how to cook a turkey, so maybe we need the Spice Adams Cooking Hour?

It doesn't matter. The world would be better with Spice on the TV.

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