Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, John Krasinski and Chris Evans Take Responsibility for Deflategate on “Kimmel”

New England Patriots fans are some of the most hardcore dedicated sports lovers out there, so it's not a surprise that Tom Brady fanatics would come to his aid during the trying time that has become Deflategate.

Jimmy Kimmel noticed a certain phenomenon that when there is a "high-profile crime," people will come out in waves to claim responsibility. He reveals that he has video of multiple people coming forward to admit they were the ones responsible for deflating the balls, but he doesn't know what their motives are.

"I don't know if the people we're about to see are trying to protect Tom Brady or if they want attention or if they're mentally ill," the ABC late-night host says, adding, "but already more than a half-dozen people have come forward."

He advises his viewers to "make of this what you will." Check out the video above.

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The confessionals begin with random citizens claiming to have gained access to the locker room and subsequently squeezing the footballs "wicked hard." But the video takes a turn when Hollywood A-listers get into character as Patriots fans and also take the blame.

"A couple of Sundays back I'm in the locker room at Foxborough. I'm Tom Brady's kids' tutor, and we hear on the walkie that the Goodyear blimp is going down...we hear the captain yell, 'We need air to save the day," a dressed up John Krasinski, a Massachusetts native, reveals before cutting to Matt Damon.

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Damon claims he was attending the game with his nephew who had claimed to have bronchitis, but the respiratory sickness wasn't going to take him away from his beloved Pats. Naturally the only solution was to use some of the air from the footballs to help his "pain in the a--" nephew breathe.

You later find out that Krasinski's character saved the day by using the air from the footballs, but he admits Brady had no part in it. Rest assured, he promises, had Brady been involved he would have done the exact same thing.

Chris Evans, Ben Affleck, Steven Tyler, Eli Roth and more also appear as Bostonians willing to do anything to defend their Brady.

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