Key Matchups: Bears vs. Texans

The Bears (7-1) face the Texans (7-1) in a showdown of top-teams. These matchups could decided the game.

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Quarterback | Advantage: Bears
nBoth Cutler and Schaub are tied in touchdowns this season, however Cutler may have an advantage of being on home turf in Soldier Field. Cutler's touchdown passes in his last game won the Bears their highest point total since 1980.
Cornerback | Advantage: Texans
nThe Bears' defense in last week led them to victory as Charles "Peanut" Tillman forced four fumbles and returned two interceptions for touchdowns. However, the star defensive player, may have to miss Sunday's game for the birth of his daughter putting the Bears at a disadvantage.
Running back | Advantage: Texans
nWith running back Matt Forte averaging 5.0 yards per carry with three touchdowns 20 catches, he seems to hold a slight advantage against Texan Arian Foster. Foster, however averages 4.0 yards per carry with 10 touchdowns and he has 12 catches.
Defensive | Advantage: Houston
nBoth teams offer two of the best defensive lines in football. J.J. Watt has made his name this season as a contender for NFL MVP. Bears have a tough job ahead of them on the defensive line which holds record for third most sacks in the NFL.
Tight End | Advantage: Bears
nOwen Daniels of the Texans missed practice to undergo tests for a recent hip injury. Although he is said to still be on to play, but could still possibly be ruled out giving Kellen Davis of the Bears an advantage.
Wide Receiver | Advantage: Bears
nMarshall is having a great season, dominating the last five games and in his last game accounting for three offensive touchdowns. Andre Johnson who was set back last season due to injuries has had a slower start to the 2012 season.
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