Key Matchups: Bears vs. Cowboys

Click through to see the matchup battles the Bears must win in order to emerge victorious on Monday.

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Quarterbacks | Advantage = Push
Both Tony Romo and Jay Cutler have been underwhelming this season, but each has so much potential. First to cross 200 yards should put their team in position.
Running Backs | Advantage = Dallas
Matt Forte is a better all around back than Demarco Murray, but the Bears star is coming off a strange injury and there's no telling how he'll perform.
Tight Ends | Advantage = Dallas
Jason Witten is slowing down, but he's still a wily vet. Kellen Davis is still an up-and-comer.
Receivers | Advantage = Chicago
Brandon Marshall is flat out better than Dez Bryant. If Cutler stays upright and gets him the ball, this could be tough for the 'Boys to cover.
Pass Rush | Advantage = Bears
The Bears front four leads the league in sacks. Despite the constant threat of Demarcus Ware, the Cowboys do not. Unfortunately the Bears o-line could make the Cowboys look mighty good.
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