Key Matchups: Bears Vs. Browns

The Bears should have a good game against Cleveland this week.

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Coach | Advantage Bears
nRob Chudzinski is leading a shaky team this year and isn't doing a great job of stabilizing it. Marc Trestman, on the other hand, continues to be a trooper despite an injured quarterback and rocky defense. He's a man who refuses to give up.
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Quarterback | Advantage Bears
nBoth Jay Cutler and Jason Campbell have spent a lot of time on the bench this season, but Cutler comes out stronger. Plus, we imagine he's ready to remind all of the Josh McCown lovers who the big man on campus really is.
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Running back | Advantage Bears
nWillis McGahee has scored two touchdowns this season, and his yardage is at a sad 377. The zombie version of Matt Forte could probably perform better than that.
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Wide receiver | Push
nJosh Gordon might be the only good thing that exists on the Browns right now. His 1,400 yards and eight touchdowns are extremely comparable to Brandon Marshall's 2013 season. Marshall is a little better at scoring, but Gordon is a little better at running. An interesting match, to be sure.
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KR | Advantage Bears
nRemember when we said Devin Hester raced a cheetah? I don't think Fozzy Whittaker has raced a cheetah.
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Defense | Bears
nThe Browns not only lose a lot, but they also tend to let their opponents rack up the points. Plus, as questionable as the Bears' defense might be, the Browns' offensive line isn't exactly a daunting task.
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