Key Matchups: Bears vs. Vikings

The player battles that will decide the game.

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Advantage | Cutler
After missing a game against the New York Giants -- his first missed start during his whole career --- Brett Favre could play next week against the Bears. But the damaged veteran likely won't be able to do too much.
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Advantage | Adrian Peterson
The Viking's running back is among the top backs in the league. Forte is hit or miss.
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Advantage | Johnny Knox
Percy Harvin has been limited this season by migraine and quarterback headaches. Johnny Knox has been studly.
Advantage | Schiancoe
Visante Schiancoe once was Brett Favre's favorite target. He may be able to reassume that role to close out the season. Greg Olsen is still battling for targets from his quarterback.
Advantage | Lovie Smith
In all likelihood, Lovie Smith is heading to the post season. Leslie Frazier is not.
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Advantage | Jared Allen
Julius Peppers can have a strong effect on a game, but when it comes to this matchup the Vikings Jared Allen will probably inflict more damage on Jay Cutler.
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Advantage | Robbie Gould
Gould has added a long ball to his repertoire. Ryan Longwell may never get a chance if the Bears defense plays stoutly.
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Advantage | Virginia McCaskey
Virginia won't have to fire her coaching staff until at least the end of the season. The Vikings' Zigi Wylf had to let his go earlier this year.
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