Hey Jerry! Draft This Guy: Marcus Cannon, TCU

An ongoing series in which we help Jerry Angelo identify the best offensive linemen in the draft, since he hasn't been able to do that himself.

Despite the Bears big win over the Eagles, the offensive line was not great.. They let Jay Cutler get sacked four times, and the majority of Matt Forte's yards came on a few carries where he was able to find a hole. The O-line still needs help. We recommend Marcus Cannon from TCU.

Cannon is part of a line that has given up just nine sacks over 12 games, and he didn't give up a single sack in 2009. He's also helped the Horned Frogs rank in the top 10 of the country for rushing. He's known as a gym rat, and -- how can we say this delicately -- he's enormous. 6-foot-6, 350 lbs. enormous. Defensive tackles won't be able to just push him aside.

Mel Kiper has him listed as one of the best offensive tackles in the upcoming draft, and you don't want to go against Mel Kiper, Jerry. His hair will haunt you in the dark. So draft Marcus Cannon, and sleep well at night.

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