Bears Bites: Brandon Marshall “Good to Go” vs. 49’ers

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In this edition of Bears Bites, we put a bow on the turd sandwich that was the Chicago Bears’ loss to the Buffalo Bills, find out some things to watch for when the Bears take on the San Francisco 49’ers on Sunday night, and take a gander at some of the best (and worst) takes on the Ray Rice situation.

-We start out with a dissection of the pertinent numbers from the Bears’ loss to Buffalo. The one that stood out to us: when the Bears turned the ball over (which they did three times), the Bills had an average starting field position on the Chicago 37-yard line. [Chicago Bears Huddle]

-Well, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but the Bears plummeted down the ESPN Power Rankings this week, checking in at number 18 after starting the season in the number 10 slot. [ESPN Chicago]

-Despite missing some snaps and looking hobbled in the Week 1 loss, Brandon Marshall should be good to go against the 49’ers on Sunday night. [Chicago Sun-Times]

-There were some bright spots for the Bears in the Bills’ game, and Matt Clapp discusses some of the team’s great grades on Pro Football Focus. [Da Bear Necessities]

-Chris Boden takes a first look at the 49’ers, and what they could do to the Bears as they open Levi’s Stadium. [CSN Chicago]

-Dan Durkin breaks it down even more, discussing how the Bears are going to have to be able to stop the read-option if they’re going to beat the Niners. [CBS Chicago]

-Did you know the Bears haven’t won a game in San Francisco in 29 years? Neither did we, and it’s not exactly heartening information. [Chicago Tribune]

-Now, we get to the Ray Rice stuff. Columnist Mike Imrem has joined the growing chorus of voices in the sports world (author’s note: I’m one of them) who says that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign in the wake of the league’s terrible response to the whole situation. [Daily Herald]

-Imrem’s take was interesting, but Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer’s take on the situation (in which they basically commended the NFL for acting “decisively”) was the opposite. [Deadspin]

-Finally, Katie Nolan of Fox Sports 1 knocked it out of the park when she discussed why an NFL boycott wouldn’t have the desired effect:

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