Thibodeau Comments on Current Tenure, Future With Bulls

Thibodeau says that although he's the head coach in Chicago, that could change at any moment

In today’s NBA, head coaches can get fired for winning just as easily as they can get a pink slip for losing. That fact has never been lost on Tom Thibodeau whose future in Chicago has long been questioned due to his disagreements with management.

Appearing on a local sports talk radio program, Thibodeau says his current contract does make him head coach of the Bulls, but he also knows that could change at any moment.

"Yeah, I’m under contract. Now, I don’t have complete control over that. They could come in and tell me they don’t want me, but I’m under contract," Thibodeau said. "I’ve enjoyed being here. I’m planning on being here, but you never know."

The New York Knicks have long been rumored to be targeting Thibs as their next head coach. In January, a rumor surfaced that the head coach had an under the table deal to go to the Knicks at the end of this season, but Thibodeau quickly dismissed the story and denied that there was any truth to it.

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