Thibodeau Wants More Able Bodies

The Bulls are carrying just 12 players on the roster and have until Feb. 13 to reach the league minimum of 13 players

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The Chicago Bulls are carrying just 12 players right now, three short of the 15 the NBA allows. This is primarily due to the team being so close to the luxury tax threshold because even after trading Luol Deng last month, several players have bonus clauses in their contracts, keeping the Bulls close to that line.

With the injury problems the Bulls have had this season – especially in recent weeks – with just 12 players on the roster, they’re forced to play short handed nearly every night. The team has until Feb. 13 to sign an additional player to meet the league minimum of 13 and when it comes to who they might add, Tom Thibodeau doesn’t seem to care.

He just wants more healthy bodies.

“I would like to have all 15 (allowed) but right now it's not possible,” he said to the Chicago Tribune. “I think cap management is important. You have to make good, sound decisions, so that's what we're trying to do. As I've said, we feel good about the guys we do have here. If someone goes down, the next guy gets in there, understands his job and gets it done.”

The Bulls could be considering bringing back veteran point guard Mike James who began the season in Chicago, but was waived three days after the acquisition of DJ Augustin.

“Always OK with Mike James,” Thibodeau said. “I haven't talked to Mike, but I know he'll be in a gym somewhere. He'll probably be with John Lucas, working his tail off and whenever someone calls him he'll be ready. That's who Mike James is.”

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