Nazr Mohammed Promotes Fundraiser, Says Heat Can Be Beat

The Chicago native appeared on a local morning talk show to promote his upcoming fundraiser event for his foundation

Chicago native Nazr Mohammed is preparing for his second run with the Bulls this season, and on Wednesday, he began making the rounds through local media outlets promoting his foundations fundraiser event happening on Friday.

The 2nd Annual Nazr Mohammed Foundation Fundraiser to benefit select grassroots organizations that exemplify excellence in their communities. The fundraiser will support the NMF's first program - The Village Project - benefiting 100 Chicago Area students, ages 14-18. The youth will attend a weekend retreat designed to motivate, build confidence and challenge participants to become positive role models within their peer groups.

Appearing on Windy City Live, Mohammed discussed his unforgettable shove on LeBron James, his offseason workout routine, playing in Chicago, and if anyone can stop the Heat.

On Shoving LeBron:

It was a situation where I was trying to stop the fast break, so wrapped him up and he kind of pushed me down, so instincts kind of stepped in. You definitely don’t want to have something like that premeditated, but it does get your guys fired up. And the guys played a good game, but I was disappointed I couldn’t help us get the win.

On His Offseason Workout Regimen:

I do a lot of different things – I box, I do a little MMA. I only do it with my instructor, though. I don’t want anyone to hurt me. But I do lift weights and play basketball, anything to stay in shape.

On Opening the Season Against the Heat:

It’s not exciting that we have to sit there and watch them get their rings, so I’m not too happy about that. But they’re the champs; they earned it. Now we’re going to try to stop them from getting a third one.

On if Miami can be Stopped this season:

I do think Miami is beatable.

On Playing in his Hometown:

There’s nothing like it. The only thing I can compare it to is winning a championship. There’s nothing like being at home, seeing the skyline driving the city. It just gets me excited every time.

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