Geting Closer: Derrick Rose to Travel With the Bulls

The Bulls superstar will accompany the team to Orlando and Miami this week

It’s probably fitting the Bulls should end 2012 with a loss to a Charlotte Bobcats team who was in the midst of an 18-game losing streak. It was a tough year for Chicago in a number of ways, but from a basketball perspective, it sucked.

But now that the calendar has turned and a new year is upon us, things seem to be looking up as word out of Deerfield on Tuesday was that Derrick Rose will travel with the team on their upcoming road trip to Orlando and Miami.

According to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, Tom Thibodeau said that his star’s travel is part of the rehab process and his assimilation back into the team environment. Rose has been participating in the team’s early group practice sessions for a while and has been a fixture at the Berto Center and before games at the United Center. His travelling with the team is good news in that it puts him one step closer to getting back on the court.

Of course, there is still no timetable on when Derrick will actually play again and even though him taking this road trip is yet another positive sign that his rehab is going well and he’s progressing to the point of returning to competition, fans should still temper their excitement – and hope – just a little longer.

Derrick still has to participate in a few full-contact practices with no issues, first. When that happens and both he and the team know that he can handle the rigors of running up and down and NBA court again, banging bodies with people, then it’ll be safe to get excited. Really excited.

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