Bulls Offer Mixed Reviews on Sleeved Jerseys

The NBA and adidas unveiled their new "BIG Logo" uniforms on Christmas Day

Bul Nets BIG Logo
Getty Images

The NBA outfitted all of the teams playing on Christmas Day in their new "BIG Logo" sleeved jerseys by Adidas. The solid-color uniforms featured an oversized team logo on the front with the player’s number on the back and on the left sleeve.

But for members of the Bulls squad, reviews were mixed.

“I loved them,” DJ Augustin said. “It felt like playing in the park with a T-shirt on, so I loved them.”

“They’re all right. It’s a little different. Kind of the biggest deal was made of it in the locker room before,” offered Kirk Hinrich. “Once we went out there, it wasn’t much thought of it in my mind. You’re used to shooting with sleeves. They’re a little bit tighter than normally you’d shoot with, but I didn’t have any issues shooting with it.”

Mike Dunleavy Jr., however, wasn’t much of a fan of the sleeved jerseys. Well, at least not at first.

“It was a little weird,” he said. “Overall, it didn’t really feel like it should be on the basketball court. More like on the beach in the California, boogie boarding or something. Yeah, it was just bizarre. The tightness of them was a little weird.”

But considering the Bulls did get a much-needed victory wearing their Christmas Day uniforms, Dunleavy changed his tune somewhat.

“You know what? We won,” he said. “Give me that and I’ll wear them 82 games.”

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