Fan Reactions to Urlacher’s Departure

Bears fans of all ages were shocked to hear that Brian Urlacher wouldn't be returning to the team.

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“It’s a shame that one little incident can affect him being on the team. I don’t think it’s very nice, if playing football is his dream he should be able to do it,” Lindsay Fulton said.
“Everything happens for a reason and all good things must come to an end at some point,” Shane Roach said.
“I mean a younger player could only help improve an already great team,” Lauren Mello said.
“It’s honestly for the good. New coach, new players might make for an amazing team,” Jose Hernandez said.
“With his knee injury and age it’s a good time for things to be changing with the Bears. It’s time to get some young fresh blood on the team and see what they can do,” Molly Keating said.
“I really hate to see him go. He has been a fixture of the organization for so many years. But at the moment he thinks he is a better than he might actually be, he’s been broken down over the years,” Bill Riebe said.
“As long as he’s happy, I think it’s a good decision,” Brendan Brownly, pictured left said. “He’s a city legend, I’ve grown up watching Urlacher with the Bears so it will be sad and big change,” Eric Iwanicki, pictured right said.
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