Wrigley Field

Young Cubs Fan Throws Dodgers Home Run Ball Back Onto Field

Dad of the Year: Cubs fan teaches son Wrigley HR tradition originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

We may have an early candidate for Dad of the Year.

Cubs fans know that when an opposing team hits at home run at Wrigley Field, you have to throw the ball back out on the field. Tuesday, one young Cubs fan learned this in brilliant fashion.

A Cubs fan came up with a Dodgers home run ball in the seventh inning Tuesday, giving it to what appears to be his son. He immediately pointed to the field and picked the kid up, racing down the bleacher steps.

And with a swift flick of the wrist, the kid got his first crack at one of Wrigley Field’s most popular traditions.

Listen to that crowd support.

On the one hand, you've got to feel bad for the kid not taking home a baseball. On the other hand, he had to learn about the tradition at some point.

Here's to hoping the Cubs get in contact with these fans and get the kid a baseball.

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