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Little League Uses Clever Sign to Encourage Good Parental Behavior

There are plenty of news stories about parents behaving badly at their children’s sporting events, but one baseball league in Wisconsin has found an interesting way to encourage good behavior.

The league, which is located in Glendale, about a 10-mile drive north of Milwaukee, has put up a sign at their Little League field listing five things that parents need to keep in mind as they watch their little stars on the diamond.

Here is the sign: 

Evan Primakow

The sign encourages adult fans to respect umpires, not to yell at their children, and above all else, to make sure that they know that the team they’re watching isn’t going to be threatening to break into the big leagues any time soon.

The sign reads:

1 These are KIDS

2 This is a GAME

3 Coaches are VOLUNTEERS

4 Umpires are HUMAN

5 Your child is NOT being scouted by the Brewers today

In the past, the Brewers may have had to scout the team because of their poor play, but this season they’re off to a better start, and are currently just two games behind the Chicago Cubs in the Central Division standings. 

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