Chicago White Sox

White Sox Honor Danny Farquhar With Touching Tributes

Danny Farquhar remains in critical condition.

As the Chicago White Sox take the field Saturday night against the Houston Astros, their hearts are heavy as teammate Danny Farquhar remains in an area hospital.

Farquhar, who suffered a brain hemorrhage during Friday night’s game, is in critical condition at RUSH Hospital, and his teammates honored him by stenciling his initials and number onto their hats:

The team also hung Farquhar’s jersey in both the dugout and in the bullpen, and spoke before the game about how their hearts and thoughts are with him.

After pitching in Friday’s game, Farquhar fainted in the team’s dugout, and was taken to an area hospital, where he was diagnosed with a ruptured brain aneurysm that caused a serious brain hemorrhage. 

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