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Video: Bryant, Rizzo Expand “Bryzzo” Brand With New Employees

The slugging duo combined for 71 home runs, so they needed more help at Bryzzo Headquarters

After combining for 71 regular season home runs and a World Series championship last season, Chicago Cubs stars Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant had to hire new "employees" for their fictional souvenir company.

That company, named "Bryzzo" after the iconic duo of Cubs, has plenty of new faces this time around, as everyone from Javier Baez to Eddie Vedder has decided to get in on the action.

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Here is their new video for the 2017 season:

Cubs fans of course will recognize several other faces from the video, as Addison Russell now shilling for the "company," and other players like Kyle Schwarber and David Ross are now working hard to "authenticate" baseballs for the brand.

While the slogan "we put the ding in dingers" may not be as good as "we authenticate balls with our bats," it's still pretty solid, and we'd imagine that fans are optimistic that the pair will blast even more home runs in the coming season.

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