‘Go Cubs Go' Rings Throughout Wrigleyville After Win

Sunday night was a truly historic occasion at Wrigley Field, as the Chicago Cubs picked up their first World Series victory at the Friendly Confines in over 70 years, and the mood in the ballpark after the contest was positively jubilant.

As the “W” flag was raised alongside the iconic manually-operated scoreboard in the historic ballpark, fans throughout the stadium sang along to the Steve Goodman tune “Go, Cubs, Go,” as has become tradition at the stadium over the last decade or so.

The boisterous mood inside the ballpark certainly made for a fun party, but it was so loud and so intense that it could be heard from far away, as this video by YouTube user Patrick DeCori demonstrates:

While the occasional sounds of helicopter traffic and the wind certainly impact the audio quality of the clip, one can certainly make out the song as it bounces its way around the ballpark, giving a whole new layer to the incredible narrative that took place at Wrigley Field on Sunday night.

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