Video: Anthony Rizzo Helps With Lucky Fan's Marriage Proposal

After slugging a home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday afternoon, Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo traveled to the Chicago Memorabilia Show to make more memories for two lucky Cubs fans.

While at the event, Rizzo took a photo with Cubs fans Steve and Leslie, who thought that they were just going to get a picture with the Cubs’ star.

Fortunately for Leslie, Steve had a trick up his sleeve after the two were done taking their picture:

Leslie not only got a beautiful ring out of the deal, but she also got a Cubs jersey with "Marry Me" on the back. Rizzo, for his part, did a beautiful job setting everything up, asking Steve if he had any "questions" to ask. Put in a tough spot, Steve did a nice job getting the question out, and Leslie seemed to be taken completely by surprise by the whole thing. 

While it’s clear that Rizzo played a part in this couple’s engagement, there are two questions that need to be answered: will he be invited to their wedding, and did he play a similar role when third baseman Kris Bryant proposed to his fiancée earlier this year? 

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