New York

Todd Frazier Foul Ball Strikes Young Fan at Yankee Stadium

It was a scary scene in New York on Wednesday after a foul ball off the bat of Yankees infielder Todd Frazier struck a young fan in the stands.

The incident occurred in the bottom of the fifth inning of a game between the Yankees and Minnesota Twins. Frazier lined a ball into the stands, and immediately dropped into a crouch at the plate after seeing the ball strike the young girl:

The game was stopped for several minutes as the young girl was taken out of the seating area. The ball left Frazier's bat at an estimated 105 MPH. 

The girl was taken to an area hospital, according to a statement issued by the Yankees. 

After the game was over, several players, including Frazier and Twins infielder Brian Dozier, expressed their opinions that Major League Baseball should extend the netting from behind home plate down the foul lines to help avoid a similar situation in the future. 

"If you look at what's happened, there has been a continuous focus-forward movement in terms of increased netting in stadiums around the leagues and I expect that process will continue," MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. 

All MLB parks were required to extend netting up to dugouts before the 2016 season. NHL stadiums have also instituted similar measures, placing netting behind the goals after a young girl was killed by a flying puck during a Columbus Blue Jackets game in 2002.  

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