Incognito Theo: Is Epstein Wearing Disguise in Wrigley Bleachers?

Chicago Cubs President Theo Epstein is one of the most popular people in the city after his team clinched their second-straight playoff berth on Thursday night, but is his fame causing him to go incognito in the Wrigley bleachers Friday?

That’s sure what it looks like in a new photo circulating on social media. The picture shows a “fan” that looks suspiciously like Epstein, except instead of dress casual he’s wearing a “Try Not to Suck” t-shirt and a fake mustache and soul patch.

Is it Epstein? See for yourself:

The photo, posted by the Cubs’ blog Born on Third, certainly looks like Epstein and was snapped by Cubs fan Jeffrey Gordon.

Other photos from the bleachers show Cubs G.M. Jed Hoyer sitting behind the mystery fan, lending credence to the theory that it is indeed Epstein in disguise.

This wouldn’t be the first time Epstein has worn a disguise, either. During a Pearl Jam concert in Boston in 2010, the then-GM of the Boston Red Sox wore a disguise during the band’s set to avoid being recognized by fans of the team, an understandable decision considering that he led the Sox to two World Series titles during his tenure.

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