Starlin Castro Thanks Cubs Fans in Heartfelt Letter

Former Chicago Cubs second baseman Starlin Castro spent the first six years of his big league career in the Windy City, but after a recent trade sent him to the New York Yankees, he took the time to pen a heartfelt letter to fans.

That piece, which was published on Wednesday in The Players Tribune, features Castro reminiscing about his first career big-league game, about his transition from shortstop to second base last season, and also a discussion about some of his favorites teammates.

Above all else, Castro made sure to thank fans:

“The Cubs fans were always so good to me, and I will never be able to thank them enough. When I got to Chicago, I was just a kid, trying to figure things out at a new job in a new city. When you’re new, you want to be approved of, and you want to belong. Those first big cheers I got at Wrigley are something that I will never forget. They helped me feel like I was doing something right -- and they helped me feel like I was home.”

Castro also made it a point to thank Alfonso Soriano, who was with Castro in Chicago during his early seasons with the Cubs:

“The veteran player who helped me the most, without question, was Alfonso Soriano. We had a connection from the start because we are both Dominican -- but even beyond our roots, Alfonso is the guy who taught me how to act like a professional.”

The Cubs and Yankees are not scheduled to play one another in the 2016 season, but Castro did have a message for Cubs fans looking for a visit from the star second baseman.

“How’s October?” he asked. 

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