Rizzo Throws Shade on New Heinz Chicago Dog Sauce

As part of National Hot Dog Day, the company unveiled its new "Chicago Dog Sauce," but it appears the sauce is actually just ketchup

Anthony Rizzo isn't a fan of the new Heinz Chicago Dog Sauce -- at least not on his hot dog. 

In a tweet on National Hot Dog Day, the beloved Cubs star wrote that he tried the new sauce making headlines across the city, but decided it "tastes better on my fries."

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Heinz had unveiled its new "Chicago Dog Sauce," described as "a delicious sauce made with red ripe tomatoes and a special blend of spices and flavorings, to complement to your Chicago-Style dog," on Tuesday, in honor of the unofficial dog holiday. 

The company brought the new sauce to the hands of several Chicagoans, asking them to try the red-colored topping on their hot dogs. 

And many did. 

But it wasn't until after they ate the hot dog that Heinz revealed its new "Chicago Dog Sauce" was actually just ketchup -- an ingredient Chicagoans adamantly avoid on their hot dogs. 

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