Rizzo and His Fiancee Dish on Love Life, Proposal, Chicago Living

It appears things weren’t exactly love at first sight for Anthony Rizzo and his fiancée Emily Vakos.

In a recent interview, the couple revealed that when the two first met, Vakos wasn’t interested in Rizzo, and even gave him a wrong number when he first showed interest.

But her plan was foiled when Rizzo called her out after his text came back invalid.

The two told Chicago Splash they met when Vakos was interning for the Cubs’ nutrition team during her last year at Arizona State.

Rizzo said he was “relentless in my pursuit of her” and eventually got her to agree to a lunch date to “keep it more professional.”

Vakos told Rizzo the pair could possibly talk after her internship was over, “but not now.” Eventually, that changed, and “the rest is history,” she told the publication.

And she couldn’t be more right.

Rizzo has gone on to make history with Chicago Cubs in more ways than one, but his big year culminated with his proposal to Vakos last month.

Fireworks, a photo shoot and a major surprise.

"We’re on the boat on Lake Michigan, had some fireworks go off," Rizzo said shortly after his exciting news was announced. "It was great. She was totally surprised so that’s what I wanted. I somehow kept that one under wraps."

It turns out, Rizzo told Vakos the duo would be doing a photoshoot, but in reality that was all a ploy.

“I’m a very jeans-and-T-shirt girl, especially if I’m going on a boat,” she told Splash. “So a lot of [people ask] how did he get you so done up — in a dress, hair and makeup done? It’s because I thought we were going to [a photo shoot]! … He thought out every detail.”

Vakos said she’s still getting used to the fame side of Rizzo’s life, saying it can be challenging to even go to the grocery store with him.

“I’ll be picking out bananas and then I’ll find him doing a photo shoot with the entire Whole Foods,” she told the publication.

Rizzo added that doing “normal things” sometimes takes planning.

“The fans in Chicago are so amazing,” he said. “We walk into places and the next thing you know we’re saying hello and taking pictures. It’s great to do that, but [sometimes we’re just] trying to go on a date.”

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