Family Fandom: Cubs Fever Prompts Baseball Baby Names

For hardcore fans crowding into Wrigleyville to watch the Cubs make history—it’s been a lifetime in the making.

Cubs fever was the diagnosis this week among newborn babies at Northwest Community Healthcare in Arlington Heights.

Jason Amato, a devoted Cubs fan and new father, wanted to name his newborn daughter after Harray Caray—but his wife Kristy overruled him and they settled on naming her “Faith.”

“It takes a lot of faith to be a Cubs fan for 37 years,” Jason Amato said. “And so to have that—and her middle name is Victoria—means victorious, and so we gotta believe in that Cubs are going to be victorious against the Dodgers. And then take it home in the World Series.”

Cubs fanatics Julie and Ralph Dynek share a similar philosophy.

They named their five grown kids with Wrigleyville monikers: Addison, Clark, Sheffield, Grace and Waveland—and the youngest? Ivy Marie Wrigley Diamond Dynek.

“You know, it’s like it’s almost in our genetics now,” said Addison Dynek. “So it’s like, I think that they’re going to be so happy if it happens—and everything they’ve been waiting their whole lives for is finally coming to fruition.”

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