Jon Lester Pays Emotional Tribute to Uncle During Cubs Game

Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester had one of his best outings of the season on Saturday, and he did so with a heavy heart after his uncle passed away Friday. 

Lester, who struck out 10 batters and picked up the win in the game, wrote "PLACT" on his cap before Saturday's contest, and after the game he revealed what the tribute meant. 

"I lost my uncle yesterday," he said. "He went to Notre Dame, so it was 'Play Like a Champion Today.' Just wanted to let him know I was thinking of him." 

A clearly emotional Lester left the podium after answering the question about his tribute to his uncle. 

"Play Like a Champion Today" is a phrase made famous by a sign at Notre Dame, which players traditionally tap before taking the field at the school's iconic football stadium. 

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