Joe Maddon Hopes to Display Acting Chops on HBO's Hit ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Chicago Cubs manager. Wine enthusiast. Thespian? Joe Maddon is known as a lover of a lot of things, but he's hoping to add another title to his business card in the near future

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon is known as a lot of things, from raconteur to wine enthusiast to fashion guru, but there is another title that he will likely be adding to his already packed business card: Thespian.

That’s because Maddon, who is good friends with actor Jeff Garlin, will likely be appearing in an episode of the hit HBO Series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which will make a comeback on the network next year.

Show creator Larry David is bringing the series back, and Garlin promised Maddon that he would get to make a cameo on the show if that event came to pass.

“His people have not reached out to my people yet,” Maddon told CSN Chicago’s Patrick Mooney. “I have not been contacted yet. If (Jeff) said he’s going to make it happen, we’ll make it happen.”

While there are many potential roles that Maddon could play in an episode, he does have a few ideas as he looks to show off his acting range.

“I want to play Larry David,” he said. “Or I’m going to be Bernie Sanders, one of the two.”

An alternate universe Larry David or a Bernie Sanders who loves pink flamingoes and waxing poetic about philosophy? Sign us up.

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