Chicago Cubs

Kris Bryant's Wife Jessica Tweets Embarrassing Factoids About Cubs' Star

As the Chicago Cubs pushed for third baseman Kris Bryant to get voted into the MLB All-Star Game, but his wife Jessica used the power of information to rack up votes. 

The couple, who married in January, have been together for years as high school sweethearts, so naturally Jessica has plenty to say about her husband: 

For those keeping track at home, Kris Bryant knows all the words to both the "Frozen" and "Moana" soundtracks, ate Taco Bell with his wife after their wedding reception, and carried Jessica to the bus after she suffered a softball injury during high school. 

In other tweets, Jessica Bryant said that she cried when Kris was called up to the big leagues, and that her least favorite thing about her husband is that he takes pictures of her while the couple is eating dinner. 

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