Chicago White Sox

White Sox Hall of Famer Among Those Who Received Hawaii Missile Alert

It was a terrifying morning for people in the state of Hawaii on Saturday as an emergency alert was sent out warning of an imminent missile attack, and one of those affected was a baseball Hall of Famer with Chicago ties.

Chicago White Sox great Frank Thomas was one of the people who received a message on his cellphone Saturday morning, warning residents and tourists that a ballistic missile was heading toward the state.

Thomas tweeted out an image of his cellphone screen:

Nearly 40 minutes after the warning was sent out, Hawaiian authorities said that it was a false alarm, trying to calm a frightened public that has become hyper-vigilant in the wake of nuclear threats made by the nation of North Korea.

Hawaii has even begun to test nuclear attack sirens on the island, something they had not done in decades.

Hawaiian officials are now looking into the situation, saying that some residents didn’t receive the alert, while others are questioning why it took so long for authorities to issue a correction after the mistake was made. 

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