Chicago Cubs

David Ross Struggles as ‘Bryzzo' Intern in New Clip

Ross developed a close bond with Bryant, Rizzo during the 2016 season, but now he "works" for the duo

Former Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross is tearing it up on the dance floor as he enjoys his retirement, but another one of his new gigs isn't going quite so well, as evidenced in a new video. 

That gig is as an "intern" for the fictional "Bryzzo" company, a marketing scheme by Major League Baseball and starring Cubs stars Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. 

The duo came out with a new video touting the merits of their company, which "puts the ding in dinger," but Ross' skills as an intern are sorely lacking, as a new clip released on Friday reveals: 

Bryant's deadpan questions about whether Ross is "doing his best" sound all too familiar to those trying to break into the business world, and while Ross clearly isn't very good at getting milkshakes or the correct scones, we have to give him points for trying. 

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