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Cubs' Social Media Team Pokes Fun at Tony La Russa Amid Yermín Mercedes Controversy

The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox may not be playing each other this week, but that didn’t stop the Cubs’ social media team from having some fun at the expense of Sox manager Tony La Russa.

La Russa is in the headlines this week after his critical comments about Yermín Mercedes, who swung at a 3-0 pitch and hit a home run in Monday’s win over the Minnesota Twins.

The White Sox manager called the decision by Mercedes to swing a "mistake," saying it violated the team's beliefs in sportsmanship and playing the game the right way.

La Russa earned criticism from some national baseball writers, and plenty of local baseball fans, with his remarks, and the Cubs opted to have some fun with the situation.

After third baseman David Bote launched a go-ahead home run against the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night, the Cubs sent this tweet:

“When you make a mistake, there’s a consequence you must endure here within our Confines,” the Cubs tweeted.

While on its surface the comment is innocuous, it was anything but. The tweet was in reference to remarks that La Russa made about Mercedes’ home run, with the manager warning that there would be consequences that the slugger would have to face.

“There’s going to be a consequence that he’s going to have to endure within our family. It won’t happen again. He’s not going to do that again,” La Russa said.

The Twins apparently didn’t accept La Russa’s apology on behalf of Mercedes, with pitcher Tyler Duffey throwing a pitch behind the slugger in the seventh inning of Tuesday’s game. The pitcher, and Twins manager Rocco Baldelli, were immediately ejected.

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