Cubs Unveil 2018 Slogan

It’s slogan time, Cubs fans.

One of the most cherished traditions to emerge in the Cubs’ Joe Maddon era is the annual debut of the team’s catchphrase for that season. And that time is upon us once again, with the Cubs announcing Monday that this year’s slogan is “Everybody In.”

“Our roster is millions deep,” the team tweeted, alongside a graphic of the new motto. “It's the collective power and passion of our remarkable players and loyal fans.”

Last year, the North Siders used the phrase “That’s Cub” as a motivational tool, with Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein saying the phrase actually cropped up in years past, when the team’s current stars were just starting out.

"'That's Cub' started four or five years ago in the minors," Epstein said of the 2017 slogan. "When they started realizing how good they were, and some of the things they were doing, we started saying, 'That's Cub.' It was great for morale and came to mean something positive organically. For years 'That's Cub' had a different connotation."

Before that, beginning in 2015, the team used “Let’s Go” as a rallying cry – one of many that ultimately lead them to end the longest championship drought in professional sports history with a World Series title in 2016.

Maddon also coined the ever-popular “Try Not to Suck” as well as “Embrace the Target” and “Respect 90,” among others. As for this year, Maddon shared his thoughts on the Cubs’ mantra at spring training.

“I think it’s a great slogan and I think it’s easy to attach to,” Maddon said of "Everybody In." “After all, we’re all trying to be this altruistic team person that puts the group ahead of the individual and I think that’s pretty much what it’s talking about.”

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