Chicago Cubs

Cubs Locate Young Fan Who Wore Homemade Nico Hoerner Shirt to Wrigley Field

The fan was spotted wearing a home-made Hoerner shirt at Sunday's Cubs game

Thanks to the power of social media, it took less than a day for the Chicago Cubs to locate a young fan who showed his support of shortstop Nico Hoerner with a homemade t-shirt.

In a post to Twitter Tuesday, the Cubs had asked their fans for help in locating the fan, who was spotted at the team's Sept. 15 game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  

"Twitter, do your thing! Help us find this awesome Cubs fan's family," the team tweeted. "We want to get him a Nico Hoerner jersey!" 

On Wednesday, the Cubs apparently found the young fan, as a gentleman sent a tweet to the team explaining that the youngster was his son Sebastian: 

The Cubs replied to the tweet, saying that they would be in touch soon to arrange a fun gift for the diehard fan. 

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