11-Year-Old Girl's Cheers Too Much for One Cubs Fan

Natalie, known for her cheering in Wrigley Field's Section 527, irked a Cubs fan

Natalie Adorno, an 11-year-old die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, isn't afraid to get loud for her favorite team at Wrigley Field.

"I get the crowd going. When everyone is just standing there bored -- well, not bored because they're watching the game, but like not talking or cheering, then I'm there and they scream," Odorno said.

But the girl's cheering habits at Wrigley Field have irked another fan, though, and now the team is getting involved. 

Natalie's father, Carlos Adorno, said the beef started a couple weeks after the season when the fan tweeted at Natalie from the account @coach511: "Not all of us fans appreciate your constant yelling at the games. Please stop, it's annoying."

The tweets, which began on Oct. 9, have since been deleted, and NBC 5 was unable to verify the identity of the owner of the account.

"He doesn't like me cheering, and it made me feel bad because I felt like I did something wrong," Natalie said.

Carlos Adorno, who bought season tickets last year and took Natalie to more than 70 games, said his daughter's cheers have revitalized a once-quiet Section 527 and she has become something of a celebrity in the area.

"You should see the people who come over here to see her enthusiasm," he said.

Natalie leads section cheers of "Let's Go Cubbies," her father said, and grabs nearby fans to sing with her during the seventh inning stretch. Before the game she gets autographs and got to know the players. A Twitter account for @Section527 was even created.

By the end of the season, Carlos Adorno said team staff, security, players and even Cubs owner Tom Ricketts -- who saw Natalie giving pre-game balls to other kids -- knew her by name.

When Carlos Adorno stepped in to defend his daughter on Twitter, he said the fan took less of an issue with Natalie's cheering, and was more focused on her getting out of her seat during games and stepping into the section pathway.

Hey says Natalie only gets out of her seat in the 7th and 8th innings, when the Cubs are losing, to get fans revved up to rally their team, but the fan took his complaint to the Cubs.

The team called Carlos to ask Natalie to keep the pedestrian walkway clear for safety reasons. The team was apologetic, he said, because they know Natalie and don't want her to stop cheering.

“After learning of an issue between Season Ticket Holders in nearby seating areas, our team spoke with both parties to help reach a resolution," the Cubs said in a statement. "Our fans enjoy baseball at Wrigley Field and it’s important we provide an environment where all of our guests can enjoy their experience at the game.”

Still the situation upset Carlos enough to consider not renewing his season tickets.

Natalie insists the situation isn't the fault of the Cubs, who she calls family, and lays blame with the fan upset by her level of cheering.

Though her father still isn't sure whether he'll renew the tickets, he said what happened doesn't diminish his love of the team.

"I love [the Cubs]. I waited 12 years for these tickets."

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