Chicago Cubs

Cubs Fan Goes Viral With Circus-Inspired Hat Balancing Act

The fan's remarkable show was caught on NBC Sports Chicago's cameras

The Chicago Cubs provided plenty of entertainment on the field Monday, but one of their fans in the bleachers may have stolen the show.

The fan, decked out in Cubs gear naturally, gained a huge following of fans in the bleachers during the contest with a circus act that you’d be hard pressed to duplicate:

NBC Sports Chicago’s Kelly Crull caught up with the fan after his incredible balancing act (made even more impressive by his dancing and the breeze blowing through Wrigley Field during the game), and Yogi revealed some of his secrets.

“I feel so famous already!” he said of his now viral performance. “In 2005, I was in a circus show at Bloom High School, and then people started requesting I do the hat trick, and it just came through!”

Fortunately for Yogi and Cubs fans, the team’s performance on the field matched his, as the Cubs won 8-2 on Monday.

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