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Cubs' Ben Zobrist Rides His Bike in Full Uniform to Wrigley Field

Plenty of people in Chicago bike to work, even though it can be tough to find clothing that's both commute-friendly and office appropriate.

Not a problem for Cubs' second baseman Ben Zobrist, who rode his bike to Wrigley Field before Saturday's game against the Brewers decked out in his full uniform.

In a video posted to Instagram by his wife Julianna, Zobrist is seen perched on a bike, wearing his white pinstriped Cubs uniform complete with a baseball glove dangling from the left handlebar. [[393903971, C]]

"We're stepping back in time," he says. "Ever since we've lived a mile away from Wrigley Field, I've wanted to ride my bike to the field, and I've been doing that this year, and I thought, you know what, I just need to bring my uniform home and ride ready for the game, on the way to the field."

"My man is an old soul who plays old school baseball," his wife captioned the video, which racked up more than 15K views and featured their son on his own bike in the background. [[393634811, C]]

While the uniform surely stood out on his ride to Wrigley, perhaps the best part was Zobrist's shoes.

"With my PF Flyers on - guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher," he ends the video, showcasing the footwear made famous by the classic movie 'The Sandlot.'

Seeing as the Cubs fell to the Brewers 11-3, Zobrist's new pre-game ritual wasn't quite a good luck charm, but it definitely made fans smile. 

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