Chicago Cubs

Cubs Announce Deposit Requirement to Sign Up for Ticket Lottery

The Chicago Cubs announced Wednesday that fans will be able to sign up for the opportunity to buy postseason tickets, but this year, there is a big change that may catch fans by surprise.

According to the team, fans will need to put up a $50 deposit to enter the ticket lottery, which selects which fans will be able to buy postseason tickets for each series.

“The refundable deposit has been added this year in an effort to verify the authenticity of each entry and ensure as many Cubs fans as possible have the opportunity to purchase 2017 postseason tickets,” the Cubs said in a press release.

If fans win the opportunity to purchase tickets, they will be able to use the $50 deposit toward those tickets, according to the team. If fans are not selected, then they will be refunded the money at the end of the 2017 postseason.

Only one entry in the drawing will be permitted per credit card and email address.

The deadline to enter for tickets to the NLDS and National League Wild Card Game will be at noon on Sept. 19, the team announced. Fans will be allowed to buy a limited number of tickets if they are selected, according to the Cubs. 

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